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Activities around Sunset Island Sunset Island Resort can be enjoyed year-round.

From water skiing, fishing, biking, ATVing, hiking or swimming in the spring and summer - great for summer vacationers of all kinds, to the spectacular display of salmon spawning in the shallow bays in the fall and cozy relaxation amongst the awe inspiring introspective rain forest in the winter - great for artists, writers, and poets.

The large recreational grassy lawn area is perfect for family and friends gatherings including BBQ's and picnics, and moderate recreation. This area is surrounded by 3 separate beaches and also has a wonderful stage for live outdoor performances.

Rec Beach off the recreational lawn area is designated for water ski launching, while Marlaina Beach is great for sunbathing and swimming, and Driftwood Bay Beach is great for the kids where they can swim in safety and gain access to their very own dock with a waterslide designated especially for the kids.

In addition to the kids dock, there is a dock solely for the adults where they can sit and read, sun tan, or simply have a coffee at the bistro tables. This dock is within viewing range of the kid's dock, so you can still relax while having your children within eye view.

Here is a map of Sunset Island showing the location of its accommodations, trails, beaches, etc. to assist you in planning your Island vacation and activities.

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Map - Sproat Lake areas of interest
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